Adverse Affects On Health Induced By Medications

It is not wise to make frequent use of drugs. Frequent usage of dependency medicines may lead to a serious kind of addiction. Addicts themselves are not aware in most cases about the gravity of the situation and deny being an addict saying that they have it under their control, but actually, they are under the control of the addiction.

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Cannabis, more popularly known as the marijuana is basically the dried parts of the hemp plants. It may appear that they enhance the powers of perception of the sense organs, but it also induces euphoria, attention, dizziness, speed up the heart rate and appetite. However, recurring usage might cause schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. If combined with tobacco, it might result in chronic cough, bronchitis, upper airway and lungs. When combined with smoking, it might result in bronchitis, chronic cough and even cancers. Once, one is an addict, it is difficult to retain good mannerism, they become irritable, insomniac, anxiety, cravings and nightmares. There is no treatment procedure approved by the FDA, but there are certain behavioral therapies available.


If cocaine is injected, inhaled or smoked in acute quantity, then it can cause dilated pupils, high body temperature, nausea, heightened energy, blood pressure, alertness, euphoria, loss of appetite and insomnia. If consumed for a long period of time, then it might result in addiction, anxiety, depression, restlessness, panic, anxiety, paranoia, insomnia and even HIV. If combined with alcohol, there lies a good chance of death by overdose. Its withdrawal symptoms are depression, easily gets weary, appetite increases, insomniac tendencies, retardation and agitation. Again, the FDA has not been successful to treat cocaine addicts. So check updated legal info regarding this before using it.


Methamphetamine effects are based on the properties of their chemical composition. Taken in acute quantities, it can cause mental disorientation, nausea, hypoxia, suffocation, heart failure and headaches. If this is used for a continuous and a long period of time, then it can cause severe damages of the liver and kidneys. Muscle spasms, impairment of motor functions and tremors are also some of the side effects of overuse of this. It can also cause lipod pneumonia and HIV. It can affect the cardiovascular functions adversely and induce low pressure if taken along with alcohol. There is not any treatment available for this addiction and the withdrawal symptoms consist of insomnia and lousy concentration.


Addiction to Prescribed sleep sedatives is not as dangerous as addiction to other types of drugs and medications. But then, no addiction can be good. Similarly, even addiction to mild sleeping medication can be detrimental toward one’s health. They can disturb the emotional equilibrium causing ecstasy, depression, impulsiveness, paranoia, and arousal. Apart from the psychological effects, there are certain physiological aspects of this addiction, like a hike in the body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, weakness, dizziness, nausea. It can also result in loss of appetite. If taken in a large quantity, it can result in death unless immediate medical attention is available. It can also cause HPPD, or Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder.

Other drugs, which can be detrimental for health, are Psilocybin, Salvia, PCP, ketamine and Adrafinil. There is no treatment available for addiction to these medications, at least not which have been approved by the FDA. Do check updated legal info before opting for any of these medications.

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