Petaling Street (Chinatown)

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Petaling Street, commonly known as Chinatown, located at the center of Kuala Lumpur. This is a historical street that witnesses the evolution the Kuala Lumpur city from a muddy estate to a concrete jungle. The sidewalk of Petaling Street is full with hawker stall. This old street has attracted up to 10 thousand foreign tourists every year.

Chinatown, lies within the boundaries of Jalan Sultan and Jalan Bandar (now known as Jalan H.S. Lee). For the inveterate shopper and connoisseur of exotic oddities, Chinatown is a paradise.

Chinese apothecaries display their herbs and medicine in porcelain pots, or beneath glass counters, mixed with more familiar western brand. There are jewelers and goldsmith, basket makers, dry good shops, optical houses, frame makers, food stalls, souvenir shops. Look out for a small crowd gathered in one spot; you might get what you want! Tourists are not advised to purchase electronic devise as you might not be able to make an exchange if it is not working well after a while.

Petaling Street changes its appearance constantly. In the early morning, Chinese housewives visit the market stalls for fresh products, and the Chinese bakeries emit delicious aromas of traditional dumplings and sweet breads filled with red bean paste and chicken curry. As the city wakes up, the traffic pours down the street and motorcar fighting for space with the pedestrians and public transports.

Suria KLCC

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Suria KLCC, a shopping heaven for tourist. This is a “MUST VISIT” place whether this is your first time in Kuala Lumpur or not. Suria KLCC located below the Petronas Twin Towers or can actually say that it is “connected” between the two buildings. There are more than 400 stores in Suria KLCC. You can almost find everything here, from branded, crafts, books, restaurant, electronic device, cinema, accessories anchor tenants…

If this is your first time in Kuala Lumpur, I would like to recommend you the Suria KLCC food court. This food court filled with different culture of food which reflects the multiracial of Malaysia. This is where you can enjoy Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races delight. But, it would be a little crowded during the lunch hour (1200 ~ 1400).If a food court is too crowded for you, try out some local restaurants. Here are two local restaurant that recommended which is Madam Kwan’ Restaurant and Little Penang Café. These are highly rated restaurants in Malaysia.

Besides, you can enjoy the 10,000 square feet man make with fountain, (located at the North side of the mall), with a cup of coffee or while you have your meal.  Tourists are advised to enjoy the water feature during the evening.  The water feature is comprised of two fountains programmed with 150 magical, dramatic animations, the musical fountain and its ‘dancing’ waters are a sight to behold.

The Famous Petronas Twin Towers

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Petronas Twin Towers, commonly known as KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre), is the significant buildings in Malaysia. It is the main tourist attraction. But, what makes it so popular besides its height and unique design. Is the Sky Bridge!

The Sky Bridge located on the floor 42 and 43 of Petronas Twin Towers. It is 58.4 meters across the two buildings and 170 meters above the ground. This is an excellent spot to view the entire Kuala Lumpur. Wait! That’s not the best part. The best part is… you go up there without spending a single cent! It’s FREE! Unfortunately, free stuffs are usually not easy to get. Ticket counter will start giving out free ticket on 0830, and there is probably a long queue before 0730. Due to the security issues, Sky Bridge’s visitors are limited for each day. The ticket counter will serve as first come first serve. But, you can still make a try on non-peak season. You might be lucky enough to get a ticket.

Sky Bridge open to visit from Tuesday till Sunday (Closed for Monday and Public Holiday) and the visiting hours is from 0900 till 1900. Visiting time will only be 15 minutes for each group. For safety purpose, only 40 visitors are allowed to be at the Sky Bridge. Every entrance ticket has it visiting time. You may have a choice of that as long as it is still available between the visiting hours.