Asian-inspired interior design

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Simple, peaceful and beautiful: these are the principles that come to mind when designing a room with a distinct East Asian feel. Attractively exuding pristine geometric features and stylish minimalism, the elegant Asian look has found its way into homes across the Western world. Because it harnesses a succinct balance of functionality and aesthetics, its appeal continues to grow. It’s easier than ever to create an Asian-inspired interior design in your home.


Start with the basics

 Without getting into the sometimes complicated rules of feng shui, the quintessential layout is fairly straightforward. You want to create and emphasise space, which means minimal clutter and bright, neutral colours such as creams and whites.


This can be further enhanced by contrasting light, monochromatic hues with bold, striking reds (usually featured as an accent wall), and rich, dark wooden beams (dividing the walls and the ceiling) with matching furniture (much of which can be found second-hand for bargain prices). In essence, four-poster beds, chests of drawers, tables, and wardrobes can hit the mark between rusticity and refinement. A key feature of East Asian design is intricate geometric pattern work, which can sometimes be found on old chests. Floors should also be made of wood and broken up by simple rugs that tie into the rest of the colour scheme. Sometimes, small carpets with a section of ornate weave work will add that little extra touch.


Accessories and ambience

In following with the other key features of the room, little accents should also be carefully added, blending in beautifully with other elements while becoming focal points. Prints can use an array of pastel colours or black and white designs featuring the occasional bold colour; Chinese symbols or Japanese kanji can make effective yet non-overpowering prints. Light bamboo tones are ideal for smaller items of furniture such as jars used for storing (porcelain and granite are also popular) as well as mats and affordable luxury shutters. These help to balance out the bolder, darker tones and also convey a distinctly earthy feel, a must for interior design. Plants are another way of maintaining that earthy ambience, and bamboo stalks are perfect for their easy care, while bonsai trees are the ultimate challenge for the eager horticulturalist. These will freshen the room and fill it with that tranquil energy that is so important for the bedroom or living room.

Other accessories such as tiny statues, figurines and fans can also add flavour, but it’s important not to overdo it. Flower petals and incense make exquisite finishing touches, but these too should be used sparingly, if at all. The same principle should be applied to the lighting; a comforting, warm light gently contained by a lantern design should be the last touch you need to make your home exude that harmonious feel.


These characteristics can certainly be adapted, and you can transform your living area into a chic, contemporary setting or give it a slightly more antiquated look that draws on traditional decor. Think about the size of the room, the space it conveys, and the mood you wish to capture – follow that inspiration, and you’ll be set.

Shopping Online For the Latest Fashion Trends

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Tips on Walls Painting

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Painting your walls with a fresh coat colour is one of the best and easiest ways to spruce up your home, but some think that painting could be a difficult task that requires a lot of penny and manpower. This though should be no longer to be appearing after knowing some tips on painting that make your painting job an easy and a fun experience.

Before every painting, you have prepared your walls by scraping away any old layer old paint, removing wallpaper and sanding imperfections. Some protection on your furniture and fittings should be carried out before you start painting around. Simply trim over fittings with masking tape and cover up your big pieces, furniture with cloths or plastics.

Now is time to paint, always start painting from the edges first. Even though is not necessary to do so, but try to start with the edges between walls and between fittings because these parts usually required more concentration to avoid wanted paint on your fittings. So, start with the difficult part to make your job easier later.

Once the all edges are done, you can start to paint normally. Using a paint roller is strongly encouraged as it makes your painting process faster, smoother and required less energy. A good method or painting with a roller is to roll up and down on the wall with a vertical strip and make it thick. Once you have done the vertical strip, move the roller left and on the right diagonal across the stripes to spread evenly for an even finish. Of course, you can try another way which is apply a thin paint first all over the walls and go for a second layer as the finishing even layer. Happy painting!

Because your home deserves the best security!

Does everyone prefer the best of security systems for their families? After all, with the rate of the rising crimes, high security becomes an ulterior priority. Taking this aspect in to perspective, the ADT Security systems have come up with some really appreciative products for ensuring complete safety of your home. Now you can easily enjoy total security even from the surveillance through the mediums like your phone, your email, your desktop.

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Why go for ADT?

Apparently, the company ADT has created a strong niche for themselves in the market place. With their 140 years of service in the field of providing security solutions, the company has been able to stroll ahead with support of the customers. A company so long in the business definitely has something solid to offer, which is hard to ignore. In the business since 1874, the company has been able to create a strong base of about 6 million valued customers. Over all these years of servicing, the company has been able to hit an approx. of 19 million alarm systems so far ad continues to soar with its highly qualitative alarm systems.

ADT Alarm reviews and its special technologies:

The company is spread across the US and is a highly advanced security system manufacturer that always ensures the right kind of technology is input in their system. For its latest versions of the ADT Alarm , the company has been making use of the approved Cell Guard technology which ensures you stay connected to your home areas even if you are unable to access their security via phone etc.

If you are worried about the costs, then leave them behind as the alarm system is pretty inexpensive with requiring only a mere sum of $47 to $57 a month in the package, thus making them the best electrical, wireless and hassle free security systems of all the time. Thought, as a matter of fact, your pricings can highly vary since the ADT alarm system are available in a wide array of features, functions and profiles that are made to be compatible with the different needs of different customers. People can now easily avail the best suited security systems for their home surveillance, and etc. though the base price for a basic panel is approx. $38, you can definitely upgrade to a different monitoring level if you want something more.

Apart from this the under ADT Alarm reviews you will astonished to see what a variety of technologies and security freedoms this system brings to you. Not just the regular old robbery or burglary monitoring , the ADT monitors are also viable as smoke detectors to prevent fire, flood detectors, temperature detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and provide video surveillance of all this. In addition to these, the company also offers medical alert systems. This apparently makes the system an overall winner in itself as it is similar in temperament to other technologies like your smart phones etc. Just access it anytime, anywhere and be sure.


Interior design inspired by travel

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One of the great advantages of living in the 21st century is being able to travel to almost any destination in the world, with relative ease. In the course of just a couple of generations, international travel has gone from being the preserve of the rich and privileged, to being something that almost everybody can enjoy to some degree, regardless of wealth or social status.

Traveling has many benefits, but one of the greatest is its ability to broaden horizons. Traveling opens the mind and tantalizes the senses. It also raises the expectations: after all, who is going to be content with drab, dull décor once they return from visiting the stately homes and chateaux of Europe or the bazaars of North Africa?

It is sadly true that coming home after a trip abroad can be a bittersweet experience, ironically all the more so if the trip has been highly enjoyable, but this need not be the case. The vacation itself may be over, but the colors, shapes, impressions and sensory experiences of much-loved destinations can live on for years yet, within the four walls of home.

 Take inspiration

Travel can provide great inspiration for interior decor, but it is important to draw a clear line between inspiration and reproduction. Very few people could live easily inside a full-scale replica of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, but translate that idea into a line of mirrors with golden accents, set into a neutral modern interior, or a feature lighting fixture (perhaps a chandelier) against a completely plain white ceiling, and one of the most celebrated pieces of 17th century France is suddenly perfectly applicable to a modern home.

The inspiration can be as direct, or as tenuous, as required, as long as it achieves the objective of reviving those happy memories and travel experiences. Just back from a week in a luxury boutique hotel in New York? Why not recreate it with some gorgeous bedroom furniture in a cutting-edge modern style? Spent a wonderful fortnight on a sun-drenched Greek island? Simply using the dominant colors from that setting – in this case, perhaps blue and white – can transform the look and feel of the home. Suddenly, home need not feel so drab and ordinary.

Even something as simple as the use of light can evoke foreign climes. Why not pare back the design of a room and maximize the natural light, like the Scandinavians do? Or add feature shutters to windows, as is popular in Germany?


Overseas inspiration does not have to end with colors and furniture. Thinking back to a recent trip, what were the dominant sounds and smells? Thanks to the internet it is now easy to purchase music from abroad, so the sounds of rebetiko can echo on past the end of that Greek holiday, and South America can live on in the strains of tango music. Likewise with scent; there is a vast array of perfumes available for the home, in all sorts of forms from scented candles to fragranced oils, and many of them are wonderful aids to evoking the atmosphere of exotic destinations.

Travel can be a source of growth and inspiration: why not factor it in to your own interior design plans?